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quickly, you can see how fast when people are going to show up and what attitude energy. going to bring and their >> the idea of shared values. next week, we actually have a piece about how this company had to hire a lot. has a really strong culture which makes it much easier. let's go to the last question. >> people who come to our website who immediately leave. i'm trying to understand what is the behavior behind that. what are we missing that's not allowing them to continue to engage on our website? >> all right. tania. >> sure, if somebody has come to your site whether it's by a search or a link. that has drawn them to find more content. they're a riving on their site and they're not getting it. the first thing you need to understand what is it that brought them to the site. how can you make sure you position that content front and center. generally, people will arrive, if they don't immediately find what their looking for. then they'll turn away. that's exactly what's happening. two, avoiding the home office deduction. there's no reason not to take it. if you do qualify, you can ri
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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